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Guy King at House of Blues“I have been using PowerChord (now “Reflection”) on my guitars for a few years now and I love it!

It removes all the sweat and “skank” from the neck and body of the guitar without leaving any marks or hurting the finish, which is very important, especially if you are playing vintage instruments…”

Reflection is the ONLY cleaning product I will use on my instrument !”

- Guy King




Murl Allen Sanders“Masterschoice polish is quite simply the best I have ever used for my accordion.  It shines brilliantly and leaves the finish smooth and ultimately playable.  It resists fingerprints and really helps reduce the friction from sweat, too.  The polish doesn't harm the fabric portions of my instruments either, which is a bonus.  I don't have to worry if I spray the wrong spot!  I'll never use anything else unless you improve it!”


- Murl Allen Sanders


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