Reflection Polish™ is the World's Finest Instrument Cleaner and Surface Protector -but don't just take our word for it! From inspiring amateurs to industry professionals, musicians everywhere are singing the praises of Reflection Polish™. Listen to what our longstanding, loyal, and extremely satisfied customers have to say:

"After 40 years of playing guitar, I am obsessed with a clean, highly polished guitar. Whether in the studio or on stage, it is nothing like having stage lights hit a highly polished guitar. How you present yourself and your instrument is very important. I have always been on a none stop search for the best cleaner/polish product that I could find. Winzer Reflection is an incredible cleaner/polisher solution. When my electric, and classical guitars are siting on the stands in my studio, I can not help but swinging my chair around every once and a while looking at the shine on my guitars, it has become a habit now. At this point, I would be in a panic if I ran out of Reflection. Thank you for a product that performs what it says that it will do."

A Customer for Life

- Dave Percell

"I've trusted this polish on everything from our finest Larrivee acoustic guitar tops to this treasured 1950's Gretsch leaving my work bench today.  I use & recommend Reflection Polish because it passes my ultimate test, cleaning a jet black guitar.

Most polish leaves a film for you to chase across the guitar.  A single spritz of Reflection leaves a black guitar top clear & spotless in seconds.  If you can polish a black guitar with it, you can polish anything."
-Allan Havrilla, Joyful Noise Music Company

"I'm going to be going to the next Piano Technicians Guild meeting here in Atlanta and have been asked to do a class on repairs... the most commonly asked question that we in the piano business get is "How do I clean or take care of my piano's finish?"  Reflection makes the answer very simple!

- Charlotte Henry

"I’m a guitar tech at a busy high end music store in NJ... I’m trying to choose a product to use back here in the shop and push retail to my customers but I need something I can stand behind and use myself. We found a small bottle (of Reflection Polish) that was almost empty and lasted about an hour around here when the drum tech found it."

Thanks so much,

- Scott Engel
Guitar Technichian

"Recently I rented a piano. The gentleman who delivered the instrument used PowerChord to polish the finish. I was so impressed with the product, but have been unable to locate it in the Houston area. Could you let me know how I could purchase some of this wonderful polish?"

- Dr. James A. Baker

"Thank you for your call. I am looking forward to receiving some more PowerChord from you. You guys make the BEST stuff! I use it everyday on 4 to 8 guitars and basses. Thanks again for making such a killer product."

- Tim Rice
Legendary Gear

"Dear Sirs, Are your Powerchord products available through Musicorp or Kaman, etc? I am the guitar and accessories buyer for Old Town Music Company in Pasadena, CA. Please contact me about purchasing your product for our store. I have been using a promotional bottle that was sent to me many months ago on guitars I Restring or repair. Your stuff R-O-C-K-S!"

- Daniel A. Garcia, Accessories Mgr. 626-793-4730 Old Town Music Company

"Just a quick note to tell you that I am so impressed with your product! I've been playing and working on guitars for 20 years and this is the best stuff I have ever used!!!!
I even use it on my glass windows and countertops! I got a 84 strat on trade here and with just your product and a qtip it polished up like a new jewel!!! Before using your product I have used the same polish for 18 years, I finally found some on ebay and as soon as I used powerchord I gave the rest of the old stuff to my brother!!!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!"

- Gerry Christianson
Henri's Music of Wisconsin

"Hey Mark - This Christmas marks my 40th anniversary for playing the guitar. I' ve survived years on the road, the clubs scene, session work in the studios as well as my own projects; I was even a columnist for a music magazine for a couple of years. This August will find me celebrating my 21st anniversary at my own store, Lightning Joe's Guitar Heaven, where I have personally set up nearly 20,000 guitars. Always thirsty for better tools and products to care for all these guitars, I was greeted through the mail with one of your products: " Powerchord. " I applied it first to a steel-bodied resonator, a 1930 National Style O, WOW ! ( I' ve never been happy with any product for shining up these babies) " Powerchord " worked so well and so fast. At first I was stunned, then I ran all over the shop showing everyone how the guitar wouldn't take my fingerprints. Next I tried it on an old Regal square neck with that funky old " Stella " finish, then a NOS Alvarez Yairi and a new Martin and on and on. Your product works so well on every type of finish that I'm clearing my repair department of all the other polishes, (about half a dozen to do all the different finishes). I believe I' ve tried just about every polish that's come along in the past 40 years, but now there's only room on my bench for Powerchord. Thanks! "

- "Pic long and prosper," Lightning Joe

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